Strini Art Glass

Hand Blown Art Glass

Rick Strini creates blown glass bowls, vases, home decor, architectural elements, stemware, cups, plates and often combines them by fusing and slumping

ABOUT RICK STRINI- 1964- 2019 and on.

Rick Strini is recognized as one of the country’s best glass blowers. His distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces have graced the White House and have been exhibited in several museums, including the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Working from his private studio in Maui , he has delighted art lovers and collectors alike with his stunning custom-designed vases, bowls, glasses and stemware.

Fifty five + years ago,  while investigating the Potters wheel and throwing pottery I caught a glimpse of some glass blowing and it really grabbed my interest.  An older brother at the time was doing some glass at the college level so this influenced me.  I would sneak in to the college and watch what was going on.  A teacher friend who I would eventually go to junior college ,

spinning a Rondel out in front of the day tank, or "Glory Hole".

spinning a Rondel out in front of the day tank, or "Glory Hole".

 to study pottery with, also had a small blowing studio set up.  Eager to learn and tired of sitting watching the fun in the glass studio, I set out to build my own studio.  The first one in my parents back yard in suburbia circa 1964-65, proved quite rewarding and prosperous.   I slowly learned some techniques and garnered some artistic products which I immediately sold.  


The artist, Rick Strini with an Aquarium Salad Bowl signature series.

Educational background;

A.A. Degree, Art, San Jose City College 1968
B.A. Degree, Ceramics, San Jose State University 1970
M.A. Degree, Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley 1971
Vice-President, Association of San Francisco Potters 1971
Juror, 25th Annual San Francisco Art Festival 1971

Spinning a "rondel" in front of the "Glory Hole", the reheating kiln in which the master works.

hand blown artistic art glass