Strini Art Glass

Uniquely Creative Hand Blown Art Glass

Rick Strini is a distinguished American Designer/Craftsman and Graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, with a Masters Degree in Environmental Design. Since 1964 Strini's exacting hand work has embodied a richness and vitality in color resulting in a signature style.   Now celebrating  50 years in glass, a master in glass blowing and nationally recognized Rick Strini was one of the first artists to revive the age old tradition of Italian-European glass blowing in the United States.  Rick was influential in the start up of the 1960's Studio Glass movement and continues to this day making Art Glass. Each of Rick's works of art are individually crafted by his own hands. His brilliant artistry is only limited by the length of his arm and every nuance in shape, design, color and luminescence is derived from the heart and soul of the artist Rick Strini. Rare among glass artists, Rick Strini controls the process from the beginning to the end. Part chemist, craftsman, artist , Rick creates a unique hot glass palette for each piece and personally signs and dates each one.